Women Artists

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Bengelsdorf, Rosalind

One of the youngest members of the American Abstract Artists, Rosalind Bengelsdorf championed abstraction in her writings and lectures as well as in her paintings.

Benglis, Lynda
Benning, Sadie
Benson, Patricia
Benzle, Suzan

Suzan Scianamblo [sha-NAM-bloh] Benzle [BEN-zlee] owns the jewlery design firm Benzle Signature Collection, and was previously involved with her former husband Curtis Benzle in Applied Arts and Benzle Porcelain Company.

Berdich, Vera
Berend-Corinth, Charlotte
Berkman, Bernece
Berman, Harriete Estel
Berman, Sarah
Bernhard, Ruth
Bernstein, Theresa

Realist painter in the traditions of the Ashcan and New York Realism Schools, wife of William Meyerowitz. Her favorite themes included parades, beach scenes, music and the theater, as well as women at leisure and in the workplace.

Bero, Mary
Berringer, Jennifer M.
Bethel, Audrey
Bettelheim, Jolan Gross
Bettersworth, Beulah R.
Biery, Katherine Fullerton
Biggs, Dixie
Bilenker, Melanie
Bills, Linda
Billups, Patsy
Birch, Karin
Birdsall, Jeanne
Birnbaum, Dara
Bishop, Emily Clayton
Bishop, Isabel

Hoping to become an illustrator, Bishop came to New York in 1918 and enrolled in the School of Applied Design for Women. In the early 1920s she transferred to the Art Students League to study painting with Kenneth Hayes Miller and Guy Pène du Bois.

Black, Ruby

Calvin and Ruby Black moved from Redding, California, to Yermo, located directly south of Death Valley in the heart of the Mojave Desert, in 1953.

Blackburn, A. Kimberlin
Blackstone, Harriet
Blair, Mary Robinson
Blanch, Lucile
Bliss, Alma Hirsig
Blizzard, Georgia
Blomdahl, Sonja

Born in Waltham, Massachusetts, Sonja Blomdahl earned a B.F.A. degree in 1974 at Massachusetts College of Art, where she studied with Dan Dailey. In 1976 she spent six months at Glasskilan, the Orrefors glass factory in Sweden.

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