Women Artists

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Blum, Andrea
Blumenthal, Fridl M.
Boardman, Rosina Cox
Boardway, Sharon
Bodnarchuk, Raya
Bogardus, Margaret Maclay
Boghosian, Nounoufar
Bohnen, Blythe
Boltz, Maude
Bondie, Edith
Bonheur, Rosa
Bontecou, Lee
Book, Flora
Boozer, Margaret
Borden, Janet
Boretz, Naomi
Borkowski, Mary
Bosworth, Barbara

Photographer Barbara Bosworth focuses on landscape photography and is particularly interested in the interrelatedness of man and the natural environment. Subdued and ironic, her work often reveals the sacredness of the land and the effects of human encroachment.

Bosworth, Winifred
Boty, Pauline
Bourgeois, Louise
Bourke-White, Margaret
Bourne, Gertrude Beals
Boznanska, Olga
Brady, Carolyn
Brandeis, Susan
Brandford, Joanne Segal
Branley, Mary
Braunstein, Terry

Contemporary artist Terry Braunstein is known for photomontage, a collage technique that uses parts of photographs. Born in Washington, D.C., Braunstein received her BFA at the University of Michigan and her MFA at the Maryland Institute of Art.

Breitenbach, Cornelia
Brennan, Joann
Breschi, Karen
Breslau, Louise
Brett, Dorothy
Bridge, Evelyn
Bridges, Fidelia

Fidelia Bridges was among the few nineteenth-century American women to enjoy a successful career as an artist. She attained popularity beginning in the late 1860s with her careful depictions of flowers and birds, many of which were reproduced and distributed by Louis Prang and Company.