Women Artists

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Bridges, Marilyn
Bright, Deborah

Born in Washington, D.C., 1950. Currently resides in Somerville, Massachusetts. Bright has taught art and art history at the Rhode Island School of Design since 1989.

Brigman, Anne

Anne W. Brigman (born Anne Wardrope Nott and married in 1894 to Martin Brigman, a San Francisco sea captain) was known for her photographs of female nudes in landscape settings.

Bringle, Cynthia
Brito, María

Painter and installation artist, born in 1948 in Havana, Cuba. Brito came to the United States in 1960. She holds B.E. and M.F.A. degrees from the University of Miami and B.F.A. and M.S. degrees from Florida International University in Miami.

Brockman, Ann
Brod, Fritzi
Brody, Sherry
Broker, Karin
Brooks, Ellen

Ellen Brooks began her studies in sculpture and photography at the University of Wisconsin in Madison but completed her BA at the University of California, Los Angeles, in 1968.

Brooks, Lola
Brooks, Mildred Bryant
Brooks, Mona
Brooks, Romaine

Romaine Brooks, the daughter of a wealthy, unbalanced woman estranged from her husband before Romaine's birth, had a miserable and unstable childhood. An insane older brother received mother's love and attention, leaving Romaine scarred from lack of affection and acceptance.

Broome, Sarah
Brown, Ethel Isadore
Brown, Hilda Wilkinson
Brown, Joan
Brown, Kathan
Brown, Mary
Browne, Vivian E.
Bruno, Marcia
Bruton, Esther
Bry, Edith
Brynner, Irena
Bubley, Esther
Buckton, Eveleen
Budny, Virginia
Buller, Cecil
Bump, Raïssa
Burdette, Hattie E.
Burge, Victoria
Burgess, Ida Josephine
Burgess, Ruth Payne
Burke, Selma

Sculptor and educator who received national recognition for her relief portrait of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, which was the model for his image on the dime.