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Yager, Jan
Yaghjian, Edmund
Yakim, Aaron
Yama, Sudzuki Shinjiro
Yamada, Shige
Yamaguchi, Yuriko
Yamamoto, Yoshiko
Yanez, Larry

Born in Arizona. A multi-talented artist and musician who is best known for his use of Chicano cultural symbols. The painting included in this book was also featured on the cover of an album by his band, Jackalope.

Yang, John

Born in China, 1933. Now lives in New York City. A recent exhibition of Yang's work, "Long Island Golf Courses: Panoramic Photographs, 1991," was shown at the Vered Gallery, East Hampon, New York.

Yarde, Richard
Yasuhara, Baggy
Yater, George
Yates, Cullen
Yavno, Max
Yazzie, Tom
Yeager, Joseph
Yeh, Shiang-shin
Yeomans, Walter C.
Yoakum, Joseph E.

"I tell you—There's few places I haven't been—of any size that is.

Yoon, Bohyun
Yoors, Jan
Yoshida, Ray
Yothers, Wendy
Young, Beckford

Beckford Young became associated with the American Abstract Artists after he returned from an extended stay in Europe. The son of a builder in Petaluma, California, Young learned carpentry at an early age, and while still in his teens, built a house on his own.

Young, Brent Kee
Young, C. Jac
Young, Ellsworth
Young, J.
Young, Janet Todd

The daughter of a Congregationalist minister and the oldest of four children, Janet Young was raised in Illinois.

Young, Kenneth Victor
Young, Mahonri
Young, Mahonri

Sculptor. Young was a native of Salt Lake City, Utah, and a grandson of the Mormon leader Brigham Young. He realistically sculpted working men, prizefighters and Native Americans and was founder of the American Water Color Society.

Young, Purvis

Purvis Young paints on scrap lumber and plywood that he scavenges from the streets and vacant lots of Overton, the historically black neighborhood where he lives in Miami, Florida, and whose long deterioration he has witnessed.

Young, Thomas
Young, Tom
Youngbauer, Edmund