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Adams, Herbert
Adams, Kenneth M.
Adams, Lawrence
Adams, Lyn
Adams, Mary Kawennatakie

Mary Adams's life—her dual Mohawk and Catholic heritage—is interwoven with her splint ash and sweet grass baskets. During a childhood of poverty in the late 1920s along the banks of the St.

Adams, Renie Breskin

Born in Michigan City, Indiana, Renie Breskin Adams earned three degrees from Indiana University: B.A., psychology, 1960; M.A., anthropology, 1965; and M.F.A., fiber, 1973.

Adams, Robert
Adams, Ron
Adams, Shelby Lee
Adamson, David
Addams, Clifford
Adkins, Minnie
Adler, Fred
Adler, Jules
Adler, Samuel
Aebersold, Jane Ford
Africano, Nicholas
Agar, John Samuel
Agate, Alfred T.

Born February 14, 1812 (or 1817), in Sparta, N.Y. Studied with his brother Frederick and with Thomas Cummings. Lived in New York, 1831–38. Served as "portrait and botanical artist" on the Wilkes around-the-world expedition, 1838–42. Lived in Washington, D.C., 1842–46.

Aghassian, Aghassi George
Agnew, Terese
Agostini, Peter
Aguado, Deborah
Aguilar, Laura
Aguilar, Linda
Aguilar, Rosendo
Aguirre, Ignasi
Agutte, Georgette
Ahearn, John
Ahrens, P.
Aid, George Charles
Aiken, Gayleen
Airey, Frank
Aitken, Robert

Sculptor. Aitken was honored with awards from the National Academy of Design and the New York Architectural League, among other groups. The figure group, The Flame (1911) and the bronze doors he executed for the John W.

Ajay, Abe
Akers, Adela

In 1965 Adela Akers traveled to Peru as a weaving adviser to the Alliance for Progress Program. In South America, she was deeply influenced by the innovative textiles of pre-Columbian Peruvian weavers, and researched ancient fiber traditions.