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Bartlett, Frederic Clay
Bartlett, Jennifer
Bartlett, Paul Wayland

Paul Wayland Bartlett was born in New Haven, Connecticut, in 1865, the son of the minor sculptor Truman Howe Bartlett. When Bartlett was nine years old, the Bartlett family moved to France.

Bartlett, Truman Howe
Bartlett, William Henry
Bartling, Conrad F.
Bartolozzi, Francesco
Barton, Loren Roberta
Barton, Ralph
Bartron, Paula
Barye, Antoine-Louis
bas-Cohain, Rachel
Basinet, Victor Hugo
Baskerville, Charles
Baskin, Leonard

Born in New Brunswick, New Jersey, Leonard Baskin was educated at the New York University School of Applied Arts and, after a stint in the United States navy, at the New School for Social Research in New York City.

Basoli, Antonio
Basquiat, Jean-Michel
Bastien-Lepage, Jules
Bate, Stanley
Bates, David
Battaglia, Aurelius
Baudouin, Paul Albert
Bauer, George W.
Bauerle, Sophia Lambros
Bauermeister, Michael
Baum, Don
Baum, Jan
Baum, Marilyn
Baum, Mark
Baumann, Gustave

Printmaker, painter. While still a young boy, Baumann emigrated with his family from Magdeburg, Germany, to Chicago. He returned to Germany to study at Kunstgewerbeschule in Munich and later attended the Art Institute of Chicago.

Baumann, H.
Baumgartner, Warren W.
Bausch, Richard
Baxter, Debra
Baxter, James