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Bernard, Joseph-Antoine
Bernhard, Ruth
Berninghaus, Oscar Edmund

Painter. A few months of night classes at the St. Louis School of Fine Arts, his only formal training, led Berninghaus to a successful career as a painter and illustrator. While touring the Southwest in 1899, he was persuaded by a brakeman on the Denver and Rio Grande Railroad to visit Taos.

Berns, Ben
Bernstein, Henry
Bernstein, Ricky
Bernstein, Theresa

Realist painter in the traditions of the Ashcan and New York Realism Schools, wife of William Meyerowitz. Her favorite themes included parades, beach scenes, music and the theater, as well as women at leisure and in the workplace.

Bernstein, William
Bero, Mary
Berringer, Jennifer M.
Berry, Timothy F.
Berryman, Clifford K.

Born April 2, 1869, in Clifton, Kentucky. Graduated from Professor Henry's School for Boys, in Versailles, 1886. Lived in Washington, D.C., 1886–1949. Was a draftsman for the U.S. Patent Office, 1886–91. Joined the Post in 1891 as understudy cartoonist for George Y.

Berti, Chris
Bertoia, Harry

Best known as a sculptor and furniture designer, Harry Bertoia was born in San Lorenzo, Udine, Italy. In 1928 he began taking drawing classes in Italy before immigrating first to Canada, then to Detroit in 1930.

Bertrand, Ray
Besedick, Frank
Besharo, Peter "Charlie" Attie

Often called just "Peter Charlie," Besharo was a handyman and house painter in Leechburg, Pennsylvania. He lived a solitary life, and his activities as an artist remained undiscovered until his death.

Besnard, Albert
Beson, Maurice
Bethel, Audrey
Bettelheim, Jolan Gross
Bettersworth, Beulah R.
Beuys, Joseph
Bey, Dawoud
Bey, Sharif
Bezalel, Aharon
Bezanson, Thomas Brother
Bianucci, I.
Bickley, Steve
Bicknell, Albion Harris

Although best known for his portraits and historical subjects, Albion Harris Bicknell also painted and etched still lifes and landscapes. Born in Turner, Maine, he moved to Boston and studied art at the Lowell Institute around 1855.

Bicknell, Frank A.
Bicknell, William Harry Warren
Bida, Alexandre
Biddle, E. C.