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Akers, F.
Akin, Eliza Cox
Akman, Julius
Al-Hilali, Neda
Alba, Elia
Albee, Grace
Albers, Anni

The daughter of a furniture manufacturer, Anni Albers (née Fleischmann) was born in Berlin. After studying art with a private tutor, and then with impressionist painter Martin Brandenburg, she continued her training at the School of Applied Art in Hamburg and the Bauhaus in Weimar and Dessau.

Albers, Josef

An elementary school teacher for twelve years, and an instructor at the Bauhaus from 1923 until 1933, Josef Albers was one of the most influential artist-educators to immigrate to the United States during the 1930s.

Albert, Francisco
Albert, Fred
Albinson, E. Dewey
Albizu, Olga
Albok, John
Albrektson, Evald
Albright, Ivan
Albro, Maxine
Alcaraz, Lalo
Aldrich, Richard
Alexander, Fred
Alexander, John
Alexander, John White

John White Alexander, a native of Allegheny City, Pennsylvania, worked as an illustrator in Harper and Brothers in his youth, just as Winslow Homer had done a decade before.

Alexander, Robert
Alfonzo, Carlos
Alinder, Jim
Allen Sr., Ross
Allen, Albert Arthur
Allen, Christine Rinne
Allen, Frederick Warren
Allen, Harold
Allen, James
Allen, James Baylis
Allen, James E.