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Borein, Edward
Boretz, Naomi
Borg, Carl Oscar
Borglum, Gutzon
Borglum, Solon H.
Borkowski, Mary
Borne, Mortimer
Borofsky, Jonathan
Borowiec, Andrew
Bosch, Dennis
Bosley, Ed
Bosman, Richard
Bosse, Abraham
Bosse, Henry

Born in Prussia in 1844, Bosse immigrated to America about 1870. Entering the service of the U.S. Corps of Engineers as a draftsman in 1874, he was chief draftsman by 1887. During his tenure he produced photographs, maps, and drawings of engineering projects along the Upper Mississippi River.

Bossi, Carlo Giuseppe
Bosworth, Barbara

Photographer Barbara Bosworth focuses on landscape photography and is particularly interested in the interrelatedness of man and the natural environment. Subdued and ironic, her work often reveals the sacredness of the land and the effects of human encroachment.

Bosworth, Winifred
Botke, Cornelis
Bott, Renée
Botticelli, Sandro
Boty, Pauline
Bouchard, Henri
Bouche, Louis

Painter, muralist and teacher at the Art Students League and the National Academy of Design. In the 1920s he managed Wanamaker's Belmaison Galleries, the first modern art gallery in a department store in New York City.

Boucher, Francois
Bouchor, Joseph-Felix
Boudon, David
Bouguereau, William
Boulton, Dacre F.
Bounetheau, Henry Brintnell

Born and lived in Charleston, South Carolina. Artist, teacher whose crayon portraits and miniature paintings were locally popular, but whose main occupation was accounting.

Bourgain, Gustave
Bourgeois, Douglas

Born and lives in Louisiana. Figurative artist, one of the new "visionary imagists" of the American South, whose preferred medium is oil on wood.

Bourgeois, Louise
Bourke-White, Margaret
Bourne, Gertrude Beals
Boutz, Donavon
Boux, Chuck