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Wong, Helen
Wong, Leland
Wonner, Paul
Wood, Alvin
Wood, Art
Wood, Beatrice

Born in San Francisco, Beatrice Wood was raised in New York City. At the age of nineteen she abandoned her privileged background and went to Paris, where she studied acting at the Comedie Francaise and drawing at the Académie Julian.

Wood, Esther
Wood, Franklin T.
Wood, Grant

Grant Wood studied art sporadically at the Minneapolis Handicraft Guild, Iowa State University, the Art Institute of Chicago, and the Académie Julian in Paris.

Wood, Graydon
Wood, J.
Wood, Joe
Wood, John
Wood, Joseph

Born about 1778 near Clarkstown, N.Y. In New York, about 1793–1813. Apprenticed to a silversmith, 1793. Became a miniature painter, 1801. Studied with Edward G. Malbone. Formed a partnership with John Wesley Jarvis, 1802–10. In Philadelphia, 1813–16.

Wood, Stanley
Wood, Susan Elizabeth
Wood, Thomas Waterman

Wood grew up in the new town of Montpelier, Vermont. As a young man he worked in his father's cabinet shop. His art education was largely self-acquired: at first he painted signs, made patent drawings for inventors, and attempted some portraits.

Wood, Trevle
Wood, William
Woodbury, Charles H.

Painter and etcher specializing in interpretations of the sea and mountains.

Woodin, John
Woodman, Betty

Betty Woodman first became interested in crafts because her father was a woodworker. In high school, one ceramics course was sufficient to convince Woodman that she wanted to be a functional potter.

Woodner, Ian
Woodruff, Hale

"It's very important to keep your artistic level at the highest possible range of development and yet make your work convey a telling quality in terms of what we are as people." —Hale Woodruff, quoted in Albert Murray et al., Hale Woodruff : 50 Years of His Art (New York: The Studio

Woods, Marcy
Woodville, Richard Caton
Woodward, Ellsworth
Woodward, Stanley
Woolpert, Alison
Woolsey, Clarence
Woolsey, Grace
Woolston, William P.
Worden, Nancy Lee
Wores, Theodore
Workman, David Tice