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Bray, Jim
Brazeau, Wendell
Breck, John Leslie
Breder, Hans
Breed, Charles H.
Breenburgh, Bartholomeus
Breer, Robert
Breinin, Raymond
Breitenbach, Cornelia
Breitmayer, M. V.
Brekke, John
Bremond, Jean Louis
Brennan, Joann
Brenner, Michael
Breschi, Karen
Breslau, Leo
Breslau, Louise
Breton, Jules
Brett, Dorothy
Breuer, Marcel
Breverman, Harvey
Brewer, Nicholas R.
Bricher, Alfred Thompson

During a fifty-year career, Bricher made a comfortable living from his work but was rarely praised by critics. Born in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, he grew up in Newburyport, Massachusetts, and by 1851 was working in Boston.

Brickey, William Josiah
Briddell, C. Don
Bridge, Allen
Bridge, Evelyn
Bridges, Fidelia

Fidelia Bridges was among the few nineteenth-century American women to enjoy a successful career as an artist. She attained popularity beginning in the late 1860s with her careful depictions of flowers and birds, many of which were reproduced and distributed by Louis Prang and Company.

Bridges, Marilyn
Bridgman, Frederic Arthur

Frederick (sic) Arthur Bridgman relocated from Alabama to New York with his family while still a youth. He was eventually employed as an engraver with the American Bank Note Company.

Bridport, Hugh
Brigante, Nick
Briggs, Ernest
Briggs, Henry Perronet
Bright, Deborah

Born in Washington, D.C., 1950. Currently resides in Somerville, Massachusetts. Bright has taught art and art history at the Rhode Island School of Design since 1989.

Brigman, Anne

Anne W. Brigman (born Anne Wardrope Nott and married in 1894 to Martin Brigman, a San Francisco sea captain) was known for her photographs of female nudes in landscape settings.