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Allen, William H.
Allner, Walter
Allott, Patricia
Allston, Washington

William Dunlap says of Washington Allston that he was "number one" in the catalogue of American painters or at least only second to his great master and precursor, Benjamin West.

Almaraz, Carlos

Born in Mexico City, Carlos Amaraz soon moved with his family to the United States, settling eventually in East Los Angeles. Almaraz was aware from an early age of a "bifurcation" in his surroundings.

Almeloveen, Jan van
Almon, Leroy

This nondenominational evangelical preacher from Tallapoosa, Georgia, began carving his inspirational interpretations of spiritual and contemporary secular themes during an apprenticeship with Elijah Pierce, a well-known African American lay minister and wood carver in Columbus, Ohio.

Almonte, Carlos
Alper, Natalie
Alps, Glen
Alquilar, Maria

Born in New York. The daughter of a Russian Jewish mother and Spanish father. Her altarpieces seek to explore the mythic heritage of many cultures and expose their common threads.

Altamirano, Arturo Pacheco
Altman, Harold
Altoon, John
Alvarado-Juarez, Francisco
Amado, Jesse
Amalfi, Carlo
Aman, Jane
Aman-Jean, Edmond Francois
Amason, Alvin
Amateis, Edmond
Amberg, Rob
Amen, Irving
Amendolara, Suzanne L.

Sue Amendolara earned her Master of Fine Arts from Indiana University in 1988. She's an Assistant Professor of Jewelry Design/Metalsmithing at Edinboro University, Edinboro, Pennsylvania.

Amenoff, Gregory
Ament, Sylvester
Amerling, Friedrich von
Ames, Arthur
Ames, Daniel F.
Ames, Ezra
Ames, Irene
Amezcua, Consuelo Gonzalez

Consuelo "Chelo" González Amézcua was a self-taught artist born in Piedras Negras, Mexico, in 1903. She immigrated to the United States in 1913.

Amienom, M. J.
Amino, Leo

Leo Amino—born in Taiwan in 1911 where his father was an agricultural consultant for the Japanese government—was reared in Tokyo. In 1929, he immigrated to the United States and studied at San Mateo Junior College in California for two years and, later, at New York University.

Amos, Emma
Anastasi, August Paul Charles

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