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Andersen, Steven
Anderson, Alexander
Anderson, Anne
Anderson, Carlos
Anderson, Dan
Thumbnail Anderson, Doug
Anderson, Guy
Thumbnail Anderson, Jeremy
Thumbnail Anderson, Karl
Anderson, Ruthadell
Anderson, Stanley
Anderson, Stephen
Anderson, Walter
Andre, Carl
Andreasen-Lindborg, Ingeborg
Andrews, Benny
Andrews, Eliphalet Fraser

Born June 11, 1835, in Steubenville, Ohio. Graduated from Marietta College, Ohio. Married Emma Stewart, 1857. Studied with Lüdwig Knaus and Heinrich Mücke in Düsseldorf, 1859–63, and with Léon Bonnat in Paris, 1863. In Steubenville, 1863–76.

Andrews, J. Robert
Andrews, Stephen
Andrus, Vera
Angel, Rifka
Thumbnail Angela, Emilio
Angier, Roswell
Anisfeldt, Boris
Thumbnail Anshutz, Thomas

As early as 1880, Anshutz was using his photographs as preparatory studies for paintings.

Anson, Rufus
Anthony, Edward
Anthony, Henry T.
Anthony, William
Antin, Eleanor
Antonakos, Stephen
Antoni, Janine
Thumbnail Antonio, Johnson

A former railroad worker, this Navajo artist also spent years herding sheep and goats in northern New Mexico's thinly populated Bisti region. He was in his early fifties when he began carving small sculptures from the local cottonwood.

Antreasian, Garo
Anuszkiewicz, Richard
Apodaca, Joe Reyes