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Anisfeldt, Boris
Anshutz, Thomas

As early as 1880, Anshutz was using his photographs as preparatory studies for paintings.

Anson, Rufus
Anthony, Edward
Anthony, Henry T.
Anthony, William
Antin, Eleanor
Antonakos, Stephen
Antoni, Janine
Antonio, Johnson

A former railroad worker, this Navajo artist also spent years herding sheep and goats in northern New Mexico's thinly populated Bisti region. He was in his early fifties when he began carving small sculptures from the local cottonwood.

Antreasian, Garo
Anuszkiewicz, Richard
Apodaca, Joe Reyes
Appel, Allen
Appel, Karel
Appel, Keith
Appel, Marianne
Appiani, Andrea
Applebroog, Ida
Appleton, J. W.
Appold, Johann Leonhard
Aptekar, Ken
Aquila, Pietro
Aranda, Dino
Arawjo, Darryl
Arawjo, Karen
Arbus, Diane
Arcangel, Cory
Archambault, Anna Margaretta
Archer, J.
Archer, Robert P.
Archipenko, Alexander

Alexander Archipenko was a sculptor who was born in the Ukraine. After working in Paris, Archipenko moved to the U.S. and became a citizen in 1928.

Archuleta, Felipe

Felipe Archuleta makes his sculptures out of wood and other materials he finds himself or obtains from his neighbors. He uses carpenter's tools to fashion the various parts of each work, and nails and glue to assemble them.

Archuleta, Leroy
Arenal, Luis