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Arisman, Marshall
Ark, Arabella
Armer, Ruth
Armin, Emil

Born in Romania. Immigrated to the United States at age twenty-two. Painter known for his use of vibrant color and brushwork.

Arms, John Taylor

Graphic artist, first trained as an architect. He is best known for his etchings of medieval French architecture, which are characterized by attention to intricate detail.

Armstrong, Anna
Armstrong, Frank
Armytage, James Charles
Arnal, Francois
Arneson, Robert

Feeling Pushed captures Robert Arneson at an especially stressful moment in his life. Two years earlier, he had been diagnosed with cancer, possibly caused by the chemicals contained in his art materials. He underwent surgery and was required to return to the hospital numerous times.

Arnest, Bernard
Arning, Eddie

Arning, like many self-taught artists, used magazine advertisements and illustrations as models or inspiration for his work. Nonetheless his work is highly individual; the link with the original source is often difficult to discern.

Arnold, Grant
Arnold, Sallie Curb
Arnoldi, Charles
Arnow, Aaron
Aronson, David
Aronson, Irene
Arquette, Pam
Arreguin, Alfredo

Painter, born in 1935 in Morelia, Michoacan, Mexico. At age nine, Arreguín became the youngest pupil at the Morelia School of Fine Art. At age thirteen he moved to Mexico City, living there for eleven years until he came to the United States in 1959.

Arrondelle, Eugène
Arroyo Hondo Painter
Arroyo, Arsacio Vanegas
Arrunategin, A.
Artis, William E.
Artschwager, Richard
Asah, Spencer
Ascenzi, Carlo
Ascher, Mary
Aschmann, Johann Jakob
Ashby, Steve

"I wake up with an idea that won't let me get back to sleep. So I get up and make that idea." Steve Ashby converted most of his ideas into objects in the early 1960s after his wife had died and he retired from his years of work as a farm hand and gardener.

Asher, Lila Oliver
Asman, Robert
Aspden, Ruth Spencer
Atchison, Joseph Anthony