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Asman, Robert
Aspden, Ruth Spencer
Atchison, Joseph Anthony
Atherton, John
Atilano, Ramon
Atiles-Perez, Ramon
Attie, Dotty
Attie, Shimon
Atwood, Robert
Aubineau, Lewis
Auburtin, Jean-Francis
Auchiah, James
Audinet, Philip
Audran I, Benoit
Audubon, John James
Audubon, John Woodhouse
Auerbach-Levy, William
Augier, L.
Ault, George

Ault was brought up in England and came late to an appreciation of his American origins. After training at University College School in London, the Slade School, and St. John's Wood School of Art, his painting style was described as an Anglicized version of impressionism.

Autio, Rudy

Autio received a BA from Montana State University, an MFA from Washington State University, and a D.F.A. from the Maryland Institute of Art.

Ava Cheeth
Avalos, David
Avati, Mario
Avedisian, Edward
Avery, Eric
Avery, Milton

Milton Avery lived in and around Hartford, Connecticut, until 1925, when he moved to New York City. A factory worker as a young man, one day he saw an advertisement for a class in lettering at the Connecticut League of Art Students and enrolled.

Avinoff, Andrey
Avril, the Elder, Jean Jacques
Avy, Marius Joseph
Ayoroa, Rudy
Ayotte, Melissa
Ayotte, Rick
Azaceta, Luis Cruz
Azuma, Norio