Sharon Boardway

Sharon Boardway
Also Known as
Sharon L. Boardway
born St. Joseph, MI 1962-died Bermerton, WA 2000
Active in
  • Seattle, Washington
U.S. States
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Sharon Boardway was a jewelry maker even as a child, and remembered that “the day my sister Pam, who is six years older than I, went off to school wearing some of my jewelry was about the biggest day of my life.” After studying printmaking and jewelry in college, Boardway did her graduate work at the State University of New York, New Paltz, where she was taught by artists Robert Ebendorf and Fred Woell. Boardway settled in Seattle, where the surrounding nature inspired her work, but her career was cut short by leukemia in July of 2000.

Works by This Artist

fabricated and cast sterling silver and carved lizard skin jasper