mother of pearl

carved clam shell, pearls, bone, mother-of-pearl, horn, ivory, moonstones, antique gold-washed silver, silver, silver-plated antique French cut steel, leather
ca. 1775
carved mother of pearl, gouache and gilt on vellum, gold sequins, and turquoise stones
carved mother of pearl, gouache on vellum, and green stone
ca. 1750
ivory, gouache on vellum, and mother of pearl
watercolor, mother of pearl, and metal on ivory
late 1760s
carved and painted mother of pearl, and gouache and gilt on vellum
late 19th century
mother of pearl and gouache on vellum
ca. 1935-1950
painted paper tarot cards, mother-of pearl jetons, and painted wood snuff box mounted on silk
mid 19th century
carved and painted bone, lithograph, watercolor and gilt on paper and mother of pearl
mother of pearl, gouache and paint on paper
ca. 1935-1950
paper playing cards, mother of pearl jetons, and wood snuff box mounted on silk
late 18th century
carved ivory, blue silk ribbon, and mother of pearl
electroformed and fabricated silver and mother-of-pearl
constructed mother-of-pearl, glass buttons, and iron wire