The Art of Video Games” Exhibition at SAAM

  • Learn more about The Art of Video Games exhibition at the Smithsonian American Art Museum. 

    CHRIS MELISSINOS: Games are so much more than just code that runs inside of a computer. You are looking at the output of passion, of love, of art, from the people who create these games.

    NOLAN BUSHNELL: One of the things that’s really fun with games is the whole idea of the playful mind, and how can we make games surprise you?

    DON DAGLOW: You think of all the things you could do in a perfect world, and then the tech would let you do the postage stamp in the middle of that landscape. But, of course, the postage stamp just keeps getting bigger as the years go by.

    MIKE MIKA: Your skill watching a movie might be eating popcorn. A skill playing a game is you feel like you’ve succeeded at learning something, and you’re good at it.

    VIDEO GAME VOICE: One game, one hundred yen.

    JEAN MACLEAN: You don’t need technology to create feelings and love and fear and hate and passion. You need great storytelling.

    VIDEO GAME CHARACTER #1: Time to break the chain.

    DAVID PERRY: Video games aren’t this trivial little form of entertainment. This is something that touches people deeply.

    JENOVA CHEN: Anything a human does has the potential to express. There’s no difference between digital and traditional. They are all art.

    HENRY JENKINS: What we’ve seen from games so far is just the beginning in what this medium is capable of doing.

    VIDEO GAME CHARACTER #2: Hold on, and everything will be fine.

    HJ: Games have become an art, but I think they can become a richer and deeper art—the art form for the twenty-first century.