Artist Janet Echelman Interview for WONDER” at the Renwick Gallery

  • How does time affect your life? In this interview Janet Echelman explains how 1.8 Renwick represents cause and effect and the cycles of time.

    JANET ECHELMAN: I’m Janet Echelman. I’m an artist here installing a new sculpture titled “1.8.” That number is the number of microseconds the earth’s day was shortened as a result of the earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan and the Fukushima nuclear reactor. I’m using knotted netting that fishermen have done for thousands of years.

    The work itself is a physical interrelationship through these knotted netted forms, layers upon layers. When one part moves, even one single element, every other element is affected. Together with colored light that changes and moving air currents, the work is in constant motion. It is an exploration of our interdependencies with these larger systems and cycles of time.