Handi-hour Crafting: Cork Photo Holders

  • GLORIA KENYON: Welcome to Handi-hour. For this iteration of Handi-hour, we will be making cork photo holders.

    So, I’m going to start with this stack of three cork holders, they’re like a nice little stack of logs. To make this, you need three corks and some jewelry pliers. I have a couple different ones for different things here. I’m using some 16-gauge wire. You’ll also need some tacky glue to glue them together.

    So, to get started, we’re just going to glue these together, and on these corks they have some labeling on them, and I like to hide that, so that’s usually where I put my glue so I know that they’re going to stick together. And glue these two together for the base. And then I use these lines on the side because that’s right where it’s going to hit onto the other two to glue.

    I’m going to take my jewelry pliers and we’re just going to do a single wire in this one. I’m just going to punch a hole right in the top, right in the center. You don’t need much wire. I usually use about five to six inches. I’m just going to cut this wire off. And then you can start bending and twisting it. You also want to make sure these are smooth edges so if you have any photos that are important in here, you’re not going to snag your photos. I like to do about four spirals, and then once you’ve got it finished, you just slide it right into that hole you made with your cork. I’m going to borrow this one. And you slide it in, and there you have your cork and wire photo holder.

    I’m going to show you how to do a place card holder or a smaller photo holder. So, we’re going to make this photo holder, just two corks, glue, and we’re going to cut a hole with our X-Acto.

    So, to get started we’re actually going to cut our line first for our photo to sit in, and so I’m going to put my cut up here, and I just have a box cutter or an X-Acto to cut right through. You just make a line. Cork is pretty self-healing, which means it’s going to always try and go back together, so it’ll be hard to find this cut.

    So, I really like to make sure it gets in there deep, because that will also give you more balance for your photo. So not quite halfway, but about a third of the way into the top of the cork. To really make sure you can easily get your photo in there, I like to cut a small slice out of the top of the cork. So, once you’ve cut your slit in it, you’re going to want to glue it to your other cork that acts as a balance for it. Once you’ve got your line of glue on there, you want this upright. You just glue them together, and once that’s dry, you can put your photo in it. And now you have a photo or place card holder for your holiday photographs, or your holiday dinner parties.

    Public Programs Coordinator Gloria Kenyon demonstrates crafting for the next Handi-hour program at the Renwick Gallery of the Smithsonian American Art Museum.

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