Handi-Hour: SweetART Valentines

  • GLORIA KENYON: Hi, I’m Gloria Kenyon, Public Programs Coordinator for the Smithsonian American Art Museum and Renwick Gallery. Today we will be making valentines, and the one we will be making today is ‘you’re just my cup of tea.’

    This is a pretty basic, pretty simple, valentine. I have a nice valentine paper and another stationary paper to be my background. You need a glue stick, scissors, you’ll need a ruler, markers, and a pencil just to sketch. So, we have our nice valentine paper, a nice little fold, and I like this paper because there’s a graph on the back. That makes drawing out my teacup much easier. So, I can draw it on the back here. It fits. The graph area fits nicely on this, so I’ve got a nice template there.

    I’ll just draw out my cup. Now you just cut out your design. And there you have your nice cut out. With this one I want it at the top of the cup. At the top of the valentine. I’ve got my trusty glue stick, and I’ll slather it in glue. You can just draw some nice, faint lines to later erase to guide you for your text. I like to write out in pencil, and then you can go over it. I like this nice magenta. With your marker, you can erase your lines after the ink has dried. Sometimes the marker doesn’t dry as quickly as you think it should, and you’ll smear it. That’s also why you’ll want to do a light pencil line, so it easily erases, and you don’t have any dark smudges left behind.

    And then you have your nice Valentine. If you want it bolder, this one is a little bit more bold, you can go back over multiple times. If you like a nice gentle script, I feel like this would be a nice Valentine for my mom.

    Public Programs Coordinator Gloria Kenyon demonstrates crafting Valentine's cards for the next Handi-hour program at the Renwick Gallery of the Smithsonian American Art Museum.

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