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Master of "La Merced"

Santiago - 1996.91.48 - 1a


early 18th century, carved and painted wood




Miriam Schapiro

Dollhouse - 1997.112A-B - 1a

Born: Toronto, Ontario, Canada 1923


1972, wood and mixed media




James W. Washington, Jr.

Young Queen of Ethiopia - 1984.115 - 1a

Born: Gloster, Mississippi 1909–Died: Seattle, Washington 2000

Young Queen of Ethiopia

1956, limestone on wood base



Alexander Calder

Bracelet - 1968.7.3 - 2a

Born: Lawnton, Pennsylvania 1898–Died: New York, New York 1976


n.d., brass



Robert Hudson

Maquette for Tlingit - 1980.49.18 - 1a

Born: Salt Lake City, Utah 1938

Maquette for Tlingit

1979, welded steel, assembled and painted



Eugenie Gershoy

Homage to Audrey McMahon (Goddess of Fertility) - 1984.76 - 1a

Born: Krivoi Rog, Russia 1901–Died: United States 1986

Homage to Audrey McMahon (Goddess of Fertility)

1977, welded steel, papier-mache on wire armature with cut out paper and painted with egg tempera on wood base



Paul Rand

"When men can freely communicate their thoughts and their sufferings, real or imaginary, their passions spend themselves in air,

Born: New York, New York 1914–Died: Norwalk, Connecticut 1996

When men can communicate freely... From the series Great Ideas of Western Man

1954, crayon, nail, and photomechanical reproduction on wood



Hiram Powers

Anstiss Derby Rogers Wetmore - 1968.155.99 - 1a

Born: Woodstock, Vermont 1805–Died: Florence, Italy 1873

Anstiss Derby Rogers Wetmore




Selma Burke

Untitled (Woman and Child) - 2004.20 - 1a

Born: Mooresville, North Carolina 1900–Died: New Hope, Pennsylvania 1995

Untitled (Woman and Child)

about 1950, painted red oak



Richard Hunt

"The greatest obstacle to being heroic is the doubt whether one may not be going to prove one's self a fool; the truest heroism,

Born: Chicago, Illinois 1935

The greatest obstacle to being heroic...

1975, chromed and welded steel



Paul Manship

End of Day - 1965.16.51 - 1a

Born: St. Paul, Minnesota 1885–Died: New York, New York 1966

End of Day

1909, terra cotta