SAAM Stories

View of SAAM gallery.
Your favorite pieces from SAAM’s collection are now on display alongside new works in the redesigned modern and contemporary galleries
A photograph of a woman in front of artwork
SAAM's renovated and reimagined modern and contemporary galleries transform the museum’s third floor into spaces for wonder and reflection
A photograph of a person standing in front of an artwork. She is wearing earbuds and holding her phone up to the work.
SAAM teamed up with the digital firm Smartify to create a series of audio tours that deepen the visitor experience, both in our galleries and online.
Photograph of two conservators working on a canvas.
The development of a new laser technology allowed for the successful conservation treatment and return of this important color field painting to public view
Anna Nielsen
An illustration of a group of 10 women artists.
SAAM's comic series launches ten more stories of remarkable women artists
Emma Hitchcock
Detail of a portrait of Sandra Cisneros
Uncovering the passion and power behind Angel Rodríguez-Díaz’s portraiture
A man stands drawing on a white board.
The second part of an interview with Tom di Maria, director emeritus of the Creative Growth Art Center
Three people sit at a table. Racks of clothes hang behind them.
An interview with Tom di Maria, director emeritus of Oakland's Creative Growth Art Center
A woman with brown skin and short hair stands holding an African-inspired mask close to her face, covering one eye. In the background are bright, geometric shapes in red, blue, and yellow.
Celebrating the renowned artist with a comic about her life and work
Two off-white, beaded bonnets on display in a glass case. In the background is a large painting.
Many Wests brings a reimagining of this iconic region to SAAM
An illustrated portrait of a woman standing in front of a painting. She has medium brown hair, is wearing a brown jacket, and holding paintbrushes.
Celebrating the renowned artist with a comic about her life and work.
Two traditional robes with traditional Alaskan Native designs side-by-side on mannequins in a gallery.
An in-depth look at Lily Hope and Ursala Hudson’s work and the traditions behind Chilkat weavings
A screenshot of a video game with two people on top of a moving train in the desert with the sun in the background.
How do video game developers use "musical thinking" to create fun ways to play?
A photograph of a woman in front of artwork
SAAM's director on current exhibitions, acquisitions, and the newly reimagined and reinstalled modern and contemporary galleries
An illustration of two hands holding a miniature portrait of a woman in an oval frame.
Celebrating the renowned artist with a comic about her life and work
A group of students at a rural school sit around the table with colored trips assembling a color wheel.
SAAM's REACH program allows educators to reach out to remote matter where they are
Detail of blown glass artwork. It is circular with a face in the center.
Brothers and collaborators Einar and Jamex de la Torre bring together carefully chosen objects and humor to craft multifaceted blown glass sculptures