Women Artists

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Banks, Diane
Banks, Jillian
Banner, Maureen
Barkley, Teresa
Barnes, Dorothy Gill
Barnes, Elizabeth A.
Barney, Alice Pike

Defying social and family expectations, the wealthy, often eccentric Alice Pike Barney (1857–1931) zestfully committed herself to the arts and became known for her lively art salons, bohemian lifestyle, and unusual family.

Barney, Laura Dreyfus
Barney, Tina

Tina Barney was born to a wealthy New York family in 1945. She began collecting photographs in 1971, which sparked her interest in doing her own work. In 1976 she and her husband moved to Sun Valley, Idaho, where she took photography classes at the local art center.

Baron, Hannelore

Born in Germany, Hannelore Baron immigrated to the United States in 1941 and settled in New York City. As Jews in Nazi Germany, the family suffered persecution and the destruction of their home before finally being able to come to America.

Barrat, Martine
Barron, Grace
Bartlett, Jennifer
Barton, Loren Roberta
Bartron, Paula
bas-Cohain, Rachel
Bauerle, Sophia Lambros
Baum, Jan
Baum, Marilyn
Baxter, Debra
Beachum, Marion
Beachy, Lydia
Beahan, Virginia
Beale, Mary
Beaux, Cecilia

Born Philadelphia, 1855. Before 1872, studied drawing with Dutch artist Adolf van der Whelen. 1875, fossil drawings on commission from U.S. Geological Survey. 1877–79, studied Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. First exhibited 1879. 1888, studied at Académie Julian, Paris.

Beck, Rosemarie
Beckington, Alice
Beer, Vivian
Behrens, Brenda
Beitzell, Gwendolyn
Belkin, Hannah
Bell, Clara Louise
Bell, Enid
Bell, Eugenie Keefer
Bellows, Harriet