Spring 2020 Student Artworks: DoDEA

The Smithsonian American Art Museum hosted its eighth annual art competition for all students in Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) schools, world-wide. In total, the Museum received 89 student submissions for the contest from nine schools located in Germany, Japan, Turkey, Alabama, Georgia, Puerto Rico, and North Carolina.

Smithsonian American Art Museum staff voted on the submissions to select the winners for the Elementary (Grades K-5), Middle (Grades 6-8), and High School (Grades 9-12) levels. SAAM is extremely impressed with the diverse range of mediums and techniques used in the submissions as well as students' skills, and their abilities to communicate unique and personal messages. This year, the students faced an additional hurdle of school closures, and many of our participants created their artworks at home, away from the resources available in their schools. The SAAM staff is inspired by the creativity students showed in the face of hardship.

SAAM is proud to feature the winning artworks on our website. Below are the images and names of the Gold, Silver and Bronze medal winners from each age group, as well as Honorable Mentions. Please visit our Distance Learning: Student Gallery on Flickr to see images of all the entries.

Elementary School: Zoom In

Students were asked to create a work of art that zooms in on a small part of a large object, or that enlarges a small object. What new details are revealed when you zoom in?

Gold: Annabelle C., Drosera Binata is a Carnivorous Plant, Kindergarten, Ramey Unit School (Puerto Rico, USA)
Silver: Natanael A., Untitled, 5th Grade, Ramey Unit School (Puerto Rico, USA)
Bronze: Cecelia W., Untitled, 5th Grade, Hainerberg Elementary School (Germany)
Honorable Mention: Federico C., Untitled, 1st Grade, Ramey Unit School (Puerto Rico, USA)

Middle School: Doorway to...

Students created a work of art about their journey through a doorway. Where would the doorway lead? What would the journey be like?

Gold: Sophia, The Journey to Travel in Turkey, 8th Grade, Ankara Elementary/High School (Turkey)
Silver: Jedaiah Q., Interstice of Promises, 7th Grade, Ansbach Middle/High School (Germany)
Bronze: Madison, The Beach, 7th Grade, Faith Middle School (Georgia, USA)
Honorable Mention: Isabel, Untitled, 6th Grade, Rucker Elementary School (Alabama, USA)

High School: Pay It Forward

Students responded to the phrase “pay it forward.” What does “paying it forward” mean to them? What do they want to “pay forward” to future generations?

Gold: Matthew, Trashy Feet, M.C. Perry High School (Japan)
Silver: Agne, Do You See What I Sea?, 10th Grade, Ankara Elementary/High School (Turkey)
Bronze: Pryce O., Workplace Oppression, Ansbach Middle/High School (Germany)
Honorable Mention: Vladimir, Broken Love, M.C. Perry High School (Japan)


To see images of all entries for this year’s contest, as well as previous years’ winners, please visit our Flickr gallery by following the links below: