Which Artist Shares Your Birthday?

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Elbridge Ayer Burbank

Elbridge Ayer Burbank’s first job was for Northwest Magazine, illustrating the Northern Pacific Railway route from Minnesota to Puget Sound, Washington. After two years of working as a portraitist in England, he settled in Chicago.

Reuben Nakian

Reuben Nakian was the youngest of five children of Armenian immigrants. He studied briefly at the Art Students League in New York City in 1912, but received his formal training as an apprentice to the sculptor Paul Manship and his assistant, Gaston Lachaise.

Richard M. Hollander

Richard Hollander studied sculpture during the 1930s in Berlin, Copenhagen, and Paris. After a decade abroad, he returned to the United States and settled in Kansas City. He initially worked in bronze, creating representational figures and portraits that gradually became more and more abstract.