Which Artist Shares Your Birthday?

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Jon Corbino

Painter. In the style of the Baroque masters, he painted heroic animals and people in catastrophic, violent scenes. Life magazine dubbed him the modern-day Rubens.

Eleanor De Laittre

Eleanor De Laittre became interested in art after a course in art theory at Smith College. She left Smith to pursue her newfound interest and spent two years in life and drawing classes at the school of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.

Harvey Dinnerstein

Harvey Dinnerstein grew up in a Jewish neighborhood in Brownsville, Brooklyn. He studied art in New York and Philadelphia, and was an instructor at the Art Students League for many years. Dinnerstein started his career just as abstract expressionism was beginning to take hold in America.

Preston Powers

A sculptor and portrait painter, Preston Powers was the third son of the artist Hiram Powers. Born in Florence, Preston longed to try his fortune in America, but his father prevented him from going until after the Civil War because he feared Preston would be drafted.