Which Artist Shares Your Birthday?

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Barbara Walter

Barbara Walter creates rings that are visual “puns.” She is fascinated by mistaken meanings, and by playfully illustrating conversations, daydreams, and tongue twisters, she calls attention to the ways that human beings communicate.

Earl Cunningham

Earl Cunningham left his parents' sawmill at the age of thirteen to seek his fortune. He peddled junk from a suitcase and sold paintings he made on old pieces of board washed up from the sea.

John Pike

John Pike studied at the Cape Cod School of Art, then moved to Jamaica in 1933, where he lived for five years. He worked on many different art projects, including designing theaters and nightclubs, painting murals, and promoting a local rum company.

John Scott

John Scott was born into a deeply religious Catholic family in New Orleans, Louisiana, in 1940. He received his MFA in sculpture and printmaking from Michigan State University, East Lansing, in 1965. He has been a professor of fine art at Xavier University in New Orleans since that time.

Michael James

Michael James studied painting and printmaking at the Rochester Institute of Technology in New York. In 1973 he attended a lecture about abstract designs in American quilts and was inspired to work in fabric.

Allan Houser

Of Chiracahua Apache and English descent, Allan Houser (originally Hauzous) grew up in a world of farming and ranching, rich with the Apache heritage of his people as taught through the songs and stories of his father.