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Bauerle, Sophia Lambros
Bauermeister, Michael
Baum, Don
Baum, Jan
Baum, Marilyn
Baum, Mark
Baumann, Gustave

Printmaker, painter. While still a young boy, Baumann emigrated with his family from Magdeburg, Germany, to Chicago. He returned to Germany to study at Kunstgewerbeschule in Munich and later attended the Art Institute of Chicago.

Baumann, H.
Baumgartner, Warren W.
Bausch, Richard
Baxter, Debra
Baxter, James
Bayer, Herbert
Baynard, John
Baziotes, William

Born 11 June 1912, Pittsburgh. Family moved to Reading, Pa., 1913. Worked for stained-glass company about 1931–32. Moved to New York, 1933. Studied with Leon Kroll at theNational Academy of Design, 1933–36.

Beach, Chester
Beachum, Marion
Beachy, Lydia
Beahan, Virginia
Beal, Gifford

Painter and etcher, an American Impressionist who studied with William Merritt Chase. He painted romantic scenes of New York City, the circus and New England landscapes.

Beal, Jack

An Abstract Expressionist when he left the Art Institute of Chicago in 1956, Beal has since become a dedicated realist who sees art as a potentially powerful moral force.

Beale, Mary
Beale, Richard
Beall, Lester

During his childhood in Chicago, Illinois, Lester Beall's mother encouraged him to draw as a means of creative expression and as a diversion from their family's difficult financial situation.

Bean, Bennett
Beard, James Carter
Beard, Rollin E.
Beard, William Holbrook
Bearden, Romare

"It is not my aim to paint about the Negro in America in terms of propaganda . . . [but] the life of my people as I know it, passionately and dispassionately as Breughel.

Beasecker, Peter
Beasley, Bruce
Beatien Yazz
Beatty, John W.
Beatty, Paul
Beauchamp, Robert

Robert Beauchamp studied with Boardman Robinson at the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center and attended Cranbrook Academy of Art before working with Abstract Expressionist Hans Hofmann.