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Bloch, Albert
Bloch, Julius T.
Blodgett, Walton
Blomdahl, Sonja

Born in Waltham, Massachusetts, Sonja Blomdahl earned a B.F.A. degree in 1974 at Massachusetts College of Art, where she studied with Dan Dailey. In 1976 she spent six months at Glasskilan, the Orrefors glass factory in Sweden.

Blondheim, Adolphe W.
Bloom, Hyman

Bloom and his parents immigrated to Boston from Brunoviski, Lithuania, following World War I. Bloom was a precocious draughtsman and, while still in high school, began studies with Harold Zimmerman at the West End Community Center where he met lifelong friend Jack Levine.

Bloom, John
Bluemner, Oscar
Bluhm, Norman
Blum, Andrea
Blum, Jerome
Blum, Robert Frederick

A native of Cincinnati, Blum studied drawing with Frank Duveneck while still a youth. At the age of sixteen, he was first exposed to Japanese art and crafts, an interest that remained with him throughout his life.

Blume, Peter

A 1911 immigrant to the United States, Blume studied at the Educational Alliance until 1921 and then at the Art Students League and the Beaux-Arts Academy in New York.

Blumenschein, Ernest L.

Painter. Born in Pittsburgh and raised in Dayton, Ohio, Blumenschein was offered a scholarship to study violin at the Cincinnati Conservatory when he was seventeen. After a year of music training, however, he chose to follow his interest in art.

Blumenthal, Fridl M.
Blumenthal, Fritz
Blumenthal, Hermann
Blumrich, Stephen
Blythe, Benjamin
Blythe, David Gilmour

"… I have grown
Almost gray and half-demented
In trying to find some place where I could
Get acquainted
Some place where man and man might dwell
Together in unity, and not tell
Lies on one another. …
I've never found

Boardman, Rosina Cox
Boardway, Sharon
Bobleter, Lowell Stanley
Bochner, Mel
Boddie, Terry
Bodine, A. Aubrey
Bodmer, Karl
Bodnarchuk, Raya
Bodovitz, Joseph E.
Boel, Peter
Boese, Henry
Bogardus, Margaret Maclay
Bogardy, Alexander
Bogatay, Paul
Bogert, George H.
Boggs, J. S. G.