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Zelada, Armando Jerry
Thumbnail Zeldis, Malcah

Malcah Zeldis, a Detroit native, spent her early adult years in Israel, moved to New York in 1958, began working as a teacher's aide, and took up painting around 1960.

Zellner, Minna Weiss
Zellner, Roger
Zelt, Martha
Zencey, Charles
Zepf, Toni
Zerbe, Karl
Zetterstrom, Tom
Zhurkov, Tatyana
Zieff, Howard
Ziegler, Matthew E.
Ziegler, Ruth
Ziemann, Richard Claude
Zilber, April
Zilzer, Gyula
Zimiles, Murray
Zimmer, Fred
Zimmerman, Arnold
Zimmerman, Charles A.

Working together in St. Paul in the 1860s and 1870s, Whitney and Zimmerman are best known for their extensive series of views of the Minnehaha Falls. They produced both summer and winter views, black-and-white as well as with additional hand-coloring.

Zimmerman, Walter
Zinelli, Carlo
Zingale, Santos
Zingg, Jules Emile
Zipkin, Harvey R.
Ziroli, Nicola Victor
Znamierowski, Nell
Zo, Henri
Zocchi, Emilio
Zoellner, Richard
Zogbaum, Wilfrid

Best known today as a sculptor, Wilfrid Zogbaum began his art career as a modernist painter. He was the son of an admiral and the grandson of Rufus Fairchild Zogbaum, an artist-illustrator who covered the Spanish-American War.

Zona, Rinaldo A.
Thumbnail Zorach, Marguerite

Reviews of the landmark 1913 Armory Show mention the work of only one Zorach, Marguerite. Today, however, Marguerite Thompson Zorach's reputation is largely overshadowed by that of her sculptor husband, William.

Zorach, Tessim
Thumbnail Zorach, William

Not until 1917, well into a career as a lithographer and painter, did Zorach take up sculpture. His earliest works appear to have followed his painting style, a kind of angular cubism that in the third dimension reinforced the "primitive" style of his carving.