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Baleta, Magí
Balkin, Andrew
Ball, Fred Uhl
Ball, J. P.
Ball, Thomas

Ball rose to prominence as the growing United States sought to commemorate its civic heroes in public spaces as well as in the home.

Ballator, John R.
Ballentine, Grace M.
Ballin, Hugo
Bally, Boris
Balsham, Leah
Baltz, Lewis
Bama, James E.
Banks, Diane
Banks, Jillian
Banks, John
Banks, Russell
Bannard, Walter Darby
Banner, Maureen
Banner, Michael
Bannister, Edward Mitchell

"All that I would do I cannot—that is, all I could say in art —simply from lack of training, but with God's help I hope to deliver the message he entrusted to me." George W. Whitaker, "Reminiscences of Providence Artists," Providence Magazine, The Board of Trade Journal (Feb.

Banville, John
Barbash, Steven
Barbee, William Randolph
Barber, C. B.
Barber, Charles
Barber, John
Barber, Philip
Barber, William
Barbot, E.
Barboza, Anthony
Barclay, J. Edward
Bard, James
Bard, Phil
Barela, Patrociño

Patrocinio Barela started out as a carver of bultos (religious sculptures), depicting traditional figures of saints, but later focused on subjects that were more expressive of his everyday experiences and feelings.

Baril, Tom
Barile, Xavier J.