Theseus and Ariadne” | Lunder Conservation Center Audio Tour

Let’s take a look at the Paul Manship sculpture, titled "Theseus and Ariadne." The mythological hero, Theseus, kneels behind the sleeping Ariadne. Unlike many of the other Manship sculptures I’m researching, this one isn’t mounted on a stone base, so I was able to flip the sculpture upside down for a look. The sculpture is hollow, with the bronze averaging about 1/8 of an inch thick throughout or about the height of two stacked quarters.

I found multiple round copper-alloy plugs visible from the interior but not the exterior. The reason these plugs are found in this and many other bronze sculptures is because they’re used to repair casting flaws. The metal plugs are usually of the same or a similar alloy as the sculpture, so that it blends more easily with the surrounding metal.

Explore Paul Manship’s sculpture, Theseus and Ariadne, from the inside out.