Anne Truitt

Anne Truitt
Also Known as
Anne Dean Truitt
Baltimore, Maryland
Washington, District of Columbia
born Baltimore, MD 1921-died Washington, DC 2004
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Anne Truitt was a psychology major at Bryn Mawr College, received her BA degree in 1943 and subsequently worked as a psychologist in Boston. After moving to Washington, DC, in 1948, she studied at the Institute of Contemporary Art for two years, and by 1950 was committed to being a full-time artist. In 1963 she had her first solo exhibition in New York of the reductive painted wood sculptures that have defined her aesthetic vision.

A teacher for many years at the University of Maryland, Truitt has also published three volumes of her journals that eloquently document her life in art. In a 1974 entry from Daybook, she wrote: As I worked along, making the sculptures as they appeared in the mind’s eye, I slowly came to realize that what I was actually trying to do was to take paintings off the wall, to set color free in three dimensions for its own sake.”

National Museum of American Art (CD-ROM) (New York and Washington D.C.: MacMillan Digital in cooperation with the National Museum of American Art, 1996)

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