Anthony Benedetto

Anthony Benedetto
Also Known as
Tony Bennett
New York, Queens, New York
born New York City 1926
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Tony Bennett, a world-renowned singer and performer, is also an accomplished visual artist whose subjects span nearly every topic. Working under his birth name of Anthony Benedetto, he uses watercolors, oil paints, charcoal, or whatever else is handy to depict his chosen theme. Benedetto’s artistic career began at the age of five with sidewalk chalk drawings outside his childhood home in Queens, New York. By middle school, he expanded his artistic repertoire to include caricatures of his teachers and classmates. In the 1940s, Benedetto began his formal art training at the School of Industrial Arts (now the School of Art and Design) in New York City. Since then, he continues to study, usually with private teachers, and finds time to paint every day, even in hotel rooms while he travels.

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