Christian Petersen

Christian Petersen
Dybbol, North Slesvig, Denmark
Ames, Iowa
born Dybbol, Denmark 1885-died Ames, IA 1961
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In January 1934, Christian Petersen was unemployed and broke” when he received a letter from Grant Wood. The famous American painter wanted Petersen to come to Iowa to help him create murals for $26.50 a week for the Public Works of Art Project. Petersen and his wife, Charlotte, took out a loan to travel to Iowa, and after working for Wood, Petersen became the first artist-in-residence at Iowa State University, where he continued to teach until 1961. Scandinavian by birth, Petersen connected with the simple, bucolic region and once said, I have always maintained that if we wanted to have a true American art it had to start in the Midwest” (Wilson, Christian Petersen, Sculptor, 1962).

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