Cynthia Schira

Cynthia Schira
Pittsfield, Massachusetts 1934
Active in
  • Lawrence, Kansas
U.S. States
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Artist Biography

Majoring in textile design, Cynthia Schira received her BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design in 1956 and then attended the École d'Art Décoratif in Aubusson, France. In 1967 Schira earned her MFA at the University of Kansas. The recipient of National Endowment for the Arts Craftsman's Fellowships in 1974 and 1983, she had her first solo exhibition of textiles in 1978 at the Hadler Rodriguez Galleries in New York City. After teaching for several years at the University of Kansas, Schira was appointed a professor of design at the University of Kansas in 1986, a position she still holds. Schira resides in Lawrence, Kansas.

National Museum of American Art (CD-ROM) (New York and Washington D.C.: MacMillan Digital in cooperation with the National Museum of American Art, 1996)

Works by This Artist

woven and bound resist-dyed cotton and dyed rayon
woven and painted linen, rayon, and mixed fibers
handwoven linen and cotton