Dominic Di Mare

Courtesy Dominic Di Mare.
Dominic Di Mare
Also Known as
Dominic L. Di Mare
San Francisco, California 1932
Active in
  • Tiburon, California
U.S. States
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Luce Artist Biography

Dominic Di Mare is a native Californian who participated in the resurgence of weaving and fiber arts in the 1960s. His work as a weaver reminds Di Mare of his childhood, of watching his mother crochet and his father mend fishing nets. The artist has worked in ceramics and papermaking as well, and all of his art expresses a deep spirituality. Di Mare uses different materials to create sculptures that evoke reliquaries, pyramids, burial towers, and altars.

Works by This Artist

paper, feathers, fiber, wood, string and cotton batting
wood, horsehair, feathers, thread, stone