Douglass Crockwell

Douglass Crockwell
Also Known as
Spencer Douglass Crockwell
S. Douglass Crockwell
Columbus, Ohio
Glens Falls, New York
born Columbus, OH 1904-died Glens Falls, NY 1968
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Douglass Crockwell spent a good part of his career creating illustrations and advertisements for the Saturday Evening Post. His paintings appeared in promotions for Friskies dog food and in a poster for the American Relief for Holland, which won him a gold medal from the Art Director’s Club in 1946. Crockwell created murals and posters for the Works Progress Administration during the Depression, and also experimented with short flip-card films that could be viewed through a mutoscope. A few years before he died, Crockwell estimated that he had drawn four hundred full-page images, of which more than three billion prints had been made (New York Times, December 21968).

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