Edward Reep

Edward Reep in his studio, about 1965 (photograph by George Fenneman)
Edward Reep
Also Known as
Edward Arnold Reep
Ed Reep
Edward A. Reep
New York, Kings, New York
Bakersfield, California
born New York City 1918-died Bakersfield, CA 2013
Active in
  • Greenville, North Carolina
  • Los Angeles, California
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Edward Reep grew up in Southern California and studied watercolor painting before joining the army during World War II. As a combat artist, he sketched and painted images of the conflict, sensitive depictions of war’s devastation and firsthand accounts of the soldier’s life. After the war, Reep won a Guggenheim Fellowship that allowed him to finance his painting career, during which he worked mainly in watercolor but also experimented with oil, acrylics, and mixed media. Reep went on to become a prominent educator, teaching at the Chouinard Art Institute (now the California Institute of the Arts) in Los Angeles before being appointed artist-in-residence at East Carolina University in Greenville, North Carolina. He also authored two books: The Content of Watercolor, first published in 1969, and A Combat Artist in World War II (1987).

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