Eugene Higgins

Eugene Higgins
Kansas City, Missouri 1874
New York, New York 1958
Active in
  • New York, New York
U.S. States
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Eugene Higgins’s mother died when he was a young boy, and he grew up in various boarding houses around St. Louis with his father, a stonecutter. After a period of study at Washington University in St. Louis, Higgins worked as an architect, but soon moved to Paris to take art courses and copy the work of the old masters in the Louvre. In Paris he made a name for himself with his sympathetic portrayals of the poor, exhibiting his work at the Paris Salon and the American Art Club. Back in the United States he married a former music teacher, Anita Rio, and exhibited his paintings widely. One critic described his work as “deeply and poignantly felt, simply and forcefully expressed.” (Three Artists of Pleasant Valley, Florence Griswold Museum, 1991)

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pencil on paper mounted on paperboard

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