Eulabee Dix

Eulabee Dix
Also Known as
Eulabee Dix Becker
Greenfield, Illinois
Waterbury, Connecticut
born Greenfield, IL 1878-died Waterbury, CT 1961
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Eulabee Dix was among the handful of talented miniaturists who spurred the turn-of-the-century revival of hand-painted miniatures. She was an independent spirit, facing the challenges of balancing a family with her career as a successful artist. She painted using jewel tones, to resemble stained glass, and often referred to her miniatures as her jewel portraits.” Her miniature of Samuel Clemens (writer Mark Twain) is in the collection of the National Portrait Gallery, and the National Museum of Women in the Arts (Washington, D.C.) named its gallery of miniatures for her.

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