Farraday Newsome

Photo by Jeff Reich
Farraday Newsome
Also Known as
Farraday Ayne Newsome
Farraday Newsome Sredl
El Paso, Texas
born El Paso, TX 1955
Active in
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Farraday Ayne Newsome grew up in the small town of Boulder Creek, California. She was fascinated with nature, spending her childhood as she recalled fishing for crawdads and collecting spider webs and plants,” and decided to study biology at college. She worked as a nurse for several years, but found the job stressful and started clay classes at a local college to unwind. She enjoyed working with ceramics so much that she quit her job and went back to school to study pottery. Newsome is known nationally for her work in majolica, an Italian ceramic style that combines naturalistic shapes and bold, lively colors.

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