Ferne Jacobs

born Chicago, IL 1942
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Photograph by Edith Liu. Courtesy Ferne Jacobs.
Also known as
  • Ferne K. Jacobs
  • Ferne Kent Jacobs
Chicago, Illinois, United States
Active in
  • Los Angeles, California, United States
  • American

Ferne Jacobs knew she wanted to be an artist after she visited a Van Gogh exhibition as a teenager. She started taking art classes in high school, and was one of the first female students at the Art Center in Los Angeles. In the mid-1960s she took a weaving workshop with the artist Arlene Fisch and from that time on devoted herself to fiber art. Jacobs began making sculptural baskets in 1970 and used waxed linen to create intricate, coiled designs that often evoke organic forms.