Frank Boyden

Boyden on left. Courtesy Frank Boyden.
Frank Boyden
Also Known as
Frank Davis Boyden
Portland, Oregon
born Portland, OR 1942
Active in
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Frank Boyden was trained in painting and drawing at Yale University but turned to ceramics in the late 1960s. In 1983, Boyden, along with artists Tom Coleman and Nils Lou, built an anagama kiln at his home in Oregon. The anagama is a kiln large enough to hold as many as five hundred pieces of pottery, and is fired with wood, reaching temperatures of 2,400 degrees. Boyden’s work displays the influence of his surroundings, where his studio overlooks the ocean from a nature preserve. The artist enlivens his pots with his drawings of the animals he observes, hoping to inspire his viewers to follow the animal’s movements around the vessel.

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