Frederic Remington

Frederic Remington
Also Known as
Frederic Sackrider Remington
Frederick Remington
Canton, New York
Ridgefield, Connecticut
born Canton, NY 1861-died Ridgefield, CT 1909
Active in
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Painter, sculptor. Born in Canton, New York, Remington found his spiritual home in the American West. In 1881 the young artist set out for the Montana Territory, determined to gain a firsthand knowledge of western life. During the next few years, he sampled sheepherding, gold prospecting, cowboy life, and cavalry maneuvers in the Southwest. At the same time, he produced black-and-white illustrations of cowboys, Indians, and Plains military campaigns that brought him considerable recognition. In the early 1890s he began to paint and sculpt these same subjects, eventually producing a body of some three thousand vivid pictorial narratives. These made his name synonymous with a powerful nostalgia for the vanishing Wild West.

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