Hananiah Harari

Courtesy of Hananiah Harari papers 1939-1983. Archives of American Art, Smtihsonian Institution.
Hananiah Harari
Also Known as
Dick Harari
Rochester, New York 1912
Hawthorne, Westchester County, New York 2000
Active in
  • New York, New York
  • Croton-on-Hudson, New York
U.S. States
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Luce Artist Biography

Hananiah Harari traveled to Palestine in 1934 with the sculptor Herzl Emanuel, where they worked on a kibbutz and visited Jerusalem and the Sea of Galilee. Two years later Harari was a founding member of the American Abstract Artists, a group established in New York to promote nonobjective art. He rejected pure abstraction, however, because it was “separate from life,” and many of his images incorporate recognizable objects such as figures, architecture, or machinery. Harari worked as a graphic artist after World War II, creating advertisements and illustrations for magazines and newspapers. But he was blacklisted during America’s “Red scare” because he also drew political cartoons for leftist publications. (Hananiah Harari: Abstractions from the 1940s, Exhibition Catalogue, Richard Norton Gallery, 2004)

Works by This Artist

color screenprint on paper
pen and ink on paper
paper and ink and gouache on paper mounted on paperboard