Joel Philip Myers

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Joel Philip Myers
Paterson, New Jersey
born Paterson, NJ 1934
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Joel Philip Myers is presently distinguished professor of art — Illinois State University, Normal. His work is included in the collections of The American Craft Museum, New York City; The Hokkaido Museum of Modern Art, Japan; the Los Angeles County Museum of Art; and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City. He has been honored with a life membership in the Glass Art Society and a craftman’s fellowship from the National Endowment for the Arts. Myers is one of the small group of American craftsmen invited to exhibit at the First World Crafts Exhibition, held in Toronto in 1974.

White House Collection of American Crafts exhibition (Washington D.C.: National Museum of American Art, 1995)

Joel Philip Myers has developed his skills in relative isolation from the studio glass movement. He avoids elaborate sculpture in favor of substantial vessels that are simple and powerful. His bottles have been viewed as having personalities of their own. As critic James Yood noted, this one seems haughty and insouciant, while that one appears modest and reticent, this one independent and that one saucy.” Inspired by his flower garden in Denmark, Myers’s vessels allow light to glimmer and sparkle through their heavy layers of color and texture.

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