John Pfahl

John Pfahl
New York, New York
born New York City 1939
Active in
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Presently resides in Buffalo, New York. Pfahl teaches at the School of Photographic Arts and Science, Rochester Institute of Technology, New York. A retrospective of his work was organized by the Albright-Knox Gallery, Buffalo (1990). Publications include Altered Landscapes (The Friends of Photography, 1981) and A Distanced Land (University of New Mexico Press, 1990). Pfahl recently curated the exhibtion, Tainted Prospects: Photographers and the Compromised Environment, Castellani Art Museum, Niagara University, New York (1991).

Merry A. Foresta, Stephen Jay Gould, and Karal Ann Marling Between Home and Heaven: Contemporary American Landscape Photography (Washington, D.C. and Albuquerque, New Mexico: The National Museum of American Art in association with the University of New Mexico Press, 1992)

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