John R. Grabach

John R. Grabach
Newark, New Jersey 1886
Active in
  • Irvington, New Jersey
U.S. States
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John R. Grabach grew up in Newark, New Jersey, where he studied with a local painter and joined a sketch club. He lived in Greenfield, Massachusetts, for a few years and spent his free time painting out of doors, storing all his canvases and materials in an abandoned shack on the Connecticut River. During the 1920s, he worked in New York, creating colorful paintings inspired by the city’s bustling streets and towering buildings. After the crash of 1929, however, his work changed to reflect the hardships of the Depression and focused on sorrowful people and bleak industrial landscapes. (Mecklenburg, John R. Grabach, Seventy Years an Artist, 1980)

Works by This Artist

ca. 1917
oil on canvas
watercolor and pencil on paper
oil on canvas mounted on wood