Judy Mulford

Courtesy Judy Mulford.
Judy Mulford
Also Known as
Judy Hammer Mulford
Los Angeles, California
born Los Angeles, CA 1938
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Judy Mulford grew up in a family of artists, learning to paint and sculpt and developing skills in quilting, weaving, and sewing. In 1971, Judy and her family spent six months in Micronesia and Australia. The adventure included sleeping on freighter decks, living with the locals, and being marooned on an uninhabited island. While living in Micronesia, Mulford was inspired by the basket-making culture, especially on the islands of Truk and Ulithi, and she made many more trips over the next twenty years to research her work.

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gourd, waxed linen, silver and glass beads, fine silver, mother-of-pearl buttons, polymer clay, photographic transfers, paper and paint